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Relax, become inspired by the ECO friendly atmosphere, open your mind to new experiences & discover your true potencial by combining Yoga, Surf & Creativity, we will help you draw out your inner child, get out of your comfort zone & bring balance so you can dare to be yourself & make your dreams come true. 



 Accommodations, Yoga Classes, Surf Class, Creative Method Workshop & Materials, Snorkeling Experience, Creative Circle, One on One Coaching & Freebies. 

Happiness, NY, EUA

“The creativity activities were amazing they help me to unlock my creativity, be like a kid and not judge myself when I am trying to create something.”

Eva Fiamengo, Slovenia

“Surf your own wave of life" was a lesson & a gift I got, among others on this last journey, but this particular one came from a very special lady I met in Mazunte. Her story is an inspiration and her outlook on life is something to look up to. Always stay positive, embrace life, make the most of it, do what you love and share it, let it go & let it flow... Just be happy, eat chilaquiles to stay present & trust that everything will unfold just as it needs to.”


Franziska Hoffmann, Germany

“Yoga with Ale is really special. Definitely you will walk out of her class happily. She has the gift of understanding and satisfying your needs. Doing yoga is a mix of getting fit, having fun and staying happy the rest of the day. You can definitely get addicted to her class.”

OM Surf Yoga Founder

Creative lifestyle coach, yoga teacher, surfer, entrepreneur & movie marketing guru. Ale has experience in all these fields and more, having worked in the entertainment industry for Universal, Warner, 20th Century Fox, and Paramount. After a car accident in New York City which broke her dorsal spine, Ale found healing in beach life, which provided her with the strength to learn to surf, become a yoga teacher and launch her own business. OM Surf Yoga is a fusion of yoga, surfing & creativity that invites us all to get balanced, have fun, and stay happy in everyday life. 

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It is a fun yoga style, a state of mind, life experiences & inspiring products that help you relax & find your balance to dare to leave your comfort zone & surf your own wave of life.


 Mexico City  · Puerto Escondido  

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